Accounting & Tax Services:
Wouldn’t you rather spend your time running your business?

It happens time and again. People start a new business, and they think they have to do everything. Not only make the product or perform the service … but also keep the books on it, make sure they’re paid for it and pay taxes on it. While they love doing the work, they end up stressed out about all the rest!

Sound familiar?

At Tailor-Made Financial Services, Christine Taylor, CPA, believes that your time is much more valuable running your business than crunching numbers. Whether you want us to handle all of your accounting and tax needs—from bookkeeping to payroll to tax preparation services—or you simply want a second set of eyes and high-level support, Christine takes over the tasks you dread, put off and aren’t especially good at, so you can’t get back to doing what you do best—running your business.

Services To Move Your Business Forward

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