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Tailored Bookkeeping Services: Do you want a package that fits your business?

Accounting and bookkeeping

At Tailor-Made Financial Services, Christine Taylor customizes her bookkeeping services to your specific business and how you work. Maybe you’re just starting your business and don’t need a lot of accounting assistance yet. Christine can help you clean up your general ledger, generate income statements and balance
sheets, and analyze your financial statement on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Has your business grown so much that you can’t keep up with your own bookkeeping anymore? If you don’t want the expense of a full-time employee, Tailor-Made Financial Services can be your off-site resource. Plus, we’ll save you streamline the process and save you time and money by working online as much as possible.

Choose as many or as few of our services as you need:

  • Invoice on a timely basis, managing your accounts receivable
  • Pay vendors, including quarterlies and year-end reports such as 1099s
  • Handle payroll for employees, including direct deposits, tax payments, quarterlies and year-end reports such as W-2s On a monthly or a quarterly basis
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Generate income statements and balance sheets
  • Correct and maintain general ledgers
  • Analyze financial statements, reviewing them with you so you always know how your business is doing

How can our accounting/bookkeeping services save you money?

Utilize our services as needed, when your work fluctuates so do your bookkeeping needs – Outsourcing is cheaper than a salaried bookkeeper.

  • Invoice on time to improve cash flow; keep track of customer balances
  • Keep up to date financial reports – meet monthly or quarterly to go over the reports
  • Reconciled bank statements helps you manage your cash more effectively

Avoid mistakes and catch errors that have already occurred.  If you identify problems quickly;  there will be a better chance of getting them resolved.

Make more money putting your time and energy toward your business – ask yourself -Is your time worth more to your business than the cost of your bookkeeper’s time?

Each Month or Quarter we will provide the following:

  1. Reconcile your bank accounts
  2. Generate an Income Statement
  3. Generate a Balance Sheet
  4. Clean up your general ledger
  5. Provide statement analysis

These tasks provide you with a strong accounting foundation and knowledge to help grow your business. You can customize the services tailored to your needs by adding payroll, tax preparation of any of our other services.

Tailor-Made Financial Services, LLC helps your business grow! Contact us for a free consultation today.

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